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July 2009

A Useful Messaging Macro

by Ray Salemi on July 30, 2009

Here is an idea that I added to a recent test bench.  It is a verbose messaging macro: `define verbose(msg)ovm_top.ovm_report_info($psprintf(“%m”), msg,500); `define info(msg) ovm_top.ovm_report_info($psprintf(“%m”), msg); `define warning(msg) ovm_top.ovm_report_warning($psprintf(“%m”), msg,,`__FILE__,`__LINE__); `define error(msg) ovm_top.ovm_report_error($psprintf(“%m”), msg,,`__FILE__,`__LINE__); `define fatal(msg) ovm_top.ovm_report_fatal($psprintf(“%m”), msg,,`__FILE__,`__LINE__); This macro creates an OVM info message, but it gives it a verbosity of 500. This means that […]

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Searching FPGA Simulation

by Ray Salemi on July 29, 2009

You can now search FPGA Simulation: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide on Amazon.  It’s great for finding something that isn’t in the index. FPGA Simulation: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide (9780974164908): Ray Salemi: Books.


This posting introduces the idea of putting SystemVerilog modules into a VHDL design.


One has to wonder how to simulate this system.  One robot pitches the ball, the other hits it. Robot Baseball Players to Necessitate Man’s Fusion with Rhinoceros – Robot baseball – Gizmodo. The simulation probably uses MatLab or SystemVision.


Virtual Box: Linux on your PC

by Ray Salemi on July 6, 2009

Sun’s free virtual machine, Virtual Box, let’s you run Linux on your PC or Mac. Here is some set up advice.

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